Quuma Oy:n valmistama mustaruutikanuuna.


Quuma Oy (ltd) is founded in 1995. Its current operations consist of technical consultation and engineering works. Quuma operates also in the field of Special effects.

The CEO is Kai Gylling. He also acts as the companys design manager and pyrotechnics manager. Kai graduated from Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in  2007 as M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, and has been working in design and R&D operations since then.

Experience in the field of special effects Kai started to gain in 1999, when he launched his first professional fireworks show. Kai has worked in several Special effect and pyrotechnic companies in Finland as  pyrotechnician since then. Kai got his own license for special effect pyrotechnics in 2009 (character E in Charger certificate).