Quuma Oy:n valmistama mustaruutikanuuna.


We manufacture scale models of an blackpowder naval cannon. The cannon is made from steel by using modern manufacturing techniques. This gives it a unique beautiful appearance. You can get the pipe of the cannon as a preformed or completely finished.

We also manufacture a gun carriage for the cannon. This carriage has been made from hard Finnish birch. This wood is firm, and gives the freedom to select from wide variety of surface colors. You can get the carriage as an assembly kit, or completely finished.

The cannon is an ideal decoration for houses, summerhouses or to offices. It suites well also to  sailing clubs etc. Below you can find the prices of the cannons. All prices includes VAT (23%). Freight costs is not included.

Cannon pipe, preformed (without center bore)                       800 e

Finished cannon pipe (with center bore, nickel surface)     1200 e

Gun carriage (assembly kit)                                                              500 e

Gun carriage (complitely finished)                                                1000 e