Base for the sun umbrella (sunshade, parasol). This base is ideal product when the garden is small, or the place of the sun umbrella dont have to be changed often. This product offer significant benefits compared to conventional versions.

– The base dont have to be moved when the lawn is trimmed

– The sun umbrella is very easy to place in to base, and it is easy to take in to shelter when necessary

– The base wont take any of the precicous space below the sun umbrella

– Heavy loads dont have to be carried

Other properties:

-Easy to install

-Can be reused

This base is installed in to a hole predigged in to the ground. After installation it is complitely maintenance free, and wont disturb the maintenance of the garden in anyways. This base can be used with almost every sun umbrella in the market. We offer the base manufactured from 2 different materials, steel and stainless steel. Prices is listed below (VAT included)

Stainless          1pc.          48e

Stainless          2pc.          86e

Steel          1pc.          42e

Steel          2pc.          72e

Bigger amounts          ask for quotation!