We make pyrotechnic special effects for companies and for individuals. Our expertise comprises the special effect field from plain fireworks to full scale movie pyrotechnics. We also act in close cooperation with other finnish companies producing special effects, so also bigger scale productions can be arranged. Please feel free to contact us, and we can offer you the complete solution to your need!

Quuma oy has also available 2 blackpowder signalcannons. They are models from 18th century naval cannons, and they can be used in different parties and celebrations. They can also be used to fire startsignals in competitions etc. Other of these cannons is an authentic signal cannon, and is over 100 years old. Other cannons has been made by using latest technology and materials. These are something that no other company in the field can arrange. Below you can find the charges of the cannons.

VAT included (23%)

Initial price 1. cannon (1 shot included)                                 110 e

Initial price 2. cannons (2 shots included)                              55 e

Additional shot (rate about 1 shot/3min)                                20 e

+ travelling expences etc.

Other special effects                                                               ask for quotation