We can manufacture cost effectivevely small series and single piece products.

We also take orders from private persons. These can be for example components to house or to summerhouses, sailboats, cars… hinges, axles, wrought-iron products… If you need something that you can’t find from the local hardware store, please contact us! We design and manufacture the product for you! Below you can find our machine stack, so you can get a picture of our capabilities. Also bigger products can be made through our subcontractors.

Machine stack

BB25-3 combinationmachine

Lathe   0,370 kW        max Ø 130-200mm     span 420mm

Mill      0,370 kW        max drill Ø16 mm

MIG- and rodwelding machine

Column type drilling machine

Hydraulic press (12 ton)

Also many other smaller machines